The Struggle is Real-hidden post from Aug. 1, 2013

I have really been struggling for the past few weeks.  I have gotten so far off track.  I am trying to get it together.  This past week I have started back working out.  I never really stopped,  but I have been lacking consistency. I am really tired of telling the same story time and time again.
One of the exercises I have been doing is Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds  I have a few of those workouts.  I have been doing the brisk 1 or 2 mile.  It’s quite the workout. I bought my mom the main one that I use,  and she thought it was a little tough. It forced her to use her treadmill which she hates.  I have also been doing my dance games on the Wii. I have Just Dance 2 & 3  and the Hip Hop Dance Experience.   I kind of want the 4th installment of Just Dance.  In October they are supposed to be coming out with Just Dance 2014, and I am ready for it.  It’s nice to do a workout that is fun.  I can’t even enjoy my pool.  With all the rain we’ve been getting it’s nearly impossible. 
Whatever workout you decide to do,  make it fun!!!
Until next time,
It’s Me

2019 edit: I have discovered that Leslie Sansone videos are available for free on YouTube. I recommend them to people who need somewhere to start with structure and may also be on the hunt for a quick workout. You’re welcome.