I Remember the Time

I remember the time that I had a photo shoot with my husband.  It wasn’t the first time, but I believe it might have been the last time.  He told me that he needed me for some pictures.  He wanted me to wear all black or something similar to all black.  Well, with all of my insecurities, I felt quite uncomfortable in my clothes.  When he sent me some pictures, I couldn’t help but notice how absolutely beautiful and fierce I looked.  We are normally our own worst critics, so just stop being so hard on yourself sometimes.  It’s hard enough living in this cruel world.  We need more love an self-acceptance.  I am trying to accept myself flaws and all.  Here are the two pics he shared with me. 

So many people want to comment on someone’s looks, weight, health, etc.  Most people probably need to shut their mouths and worry about themselves.  Get yourself together.  If you’re so together, you won’t have the time nor the energy to worry about others. 
Until next time,
It’s Me

What did we do….where did we go?

Normally my weekends are filled with a whole bunch of nothing.  They are either busy or lazy.  it always feels as though I am cleaning the same rooms making little to no progress or trying to “catch up” on sleep.  I heard years ago that sleep lost can never be regained, so it’s a vicious cycle.  My sister had decided about a week ahead of time that she and my niece were going to go to Wild Adventures the upcoming weekend.  I thought about it and decided that I should go ahead and go because I needed something different and so did my son.  I get tired of being confined to the house sometimes.  I figured it would be a good idea to spend the night at their house on Friday, not that we live far away from each other.  We also like the kids to have some time together.

My swimsuit was a little too tight for my liking, so I was so smart that on Saturday morning, I got up a little early and went to the store to get a new one. I also bought quite a few other things, including a few snacks for the road.  I didn’t mention it, but one of my sister’s good friends and her granddaughter were also going to Wild Adventures with us, so they were all riding together while Jr (momma’s baby) and I rode together.  The drive is a little under 2 hours from where we live, so that’s not too bad.  We had a couple of stops along the way for gas and bathroom, but the trip was fairly good.

We made it to Wild Adventures, and tried to find some parking.  As we got further and further away, it was not looking promising.  We were going to park so far away, that by the time we would have gotten to the actual park, we would have been too exhausted to do anything.  I received a phone call from my sister telling me that we would just go check in to the hotel and get in the pool there.  She wanted to know if that was ok with me.  Um, yeah.  I was excited, and so was momma’s baby.  I just told him we would be going to the park the following day.

We checked into the room, ate a few snacks, and got ready for the pool.  Normally when we go to the hotel, the pool is too heavily populated for me.  That wasn’t the case since we were checking in a little early.  We got into the water, which was a little chilly, but I realized my swimsuit was way too small.  Yeah, so I had bought a smaller size, but when I tried it on, it fit fairly well.  It seems like once it got wet, it was like, “Not today, sister! You ain’t hidin’ nothin’!!!”  Needless to say, that was a little bit uncomfortable.  We finally got out of the pool, and washed and dressed for dinner.  We were starving!!!  Dinner is always good at the Drury Inn & Suites in Valdosta, GA

The next morning we got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed to Wild Adventures.  It was a big difference from the day before.  We got close parking spaces so we didn’t have a long walk to reach the entrance.  We went in and the kids played around for a while.  Momma’s baby was finally able to get on more of the rides because he is over 36″.  Yay!  He was a little bit afraid.  Just because kids meet the height requirement, that doesn’t mean that they will want to get on these bigger rides, etc.   We went to the waterpark for a few hours and enjoyed the cool water.  When we were all tired out, we left and drove home.  It was a great weekend!

Until next time,

It’s Me

You’re so Ugly

Have you ever had those moments where you’ve just felt so unattractive?  Well, you are not alone.  There are so many of us out there that have the same feelings.  It’s fine every so often as long as we don’t stay in that negative space for too long. 

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with body image issues.  Back in September I thought that I would like to do some semblance of a boudoir photo shoot so that I could look and feel good.  My husband is a photographer, but I know that he is not in the business of doing boudoir shoots, but I figured I would ask him.  Long story short, I told him I would like one for myself and two other ladies.  We just wanted a feel good shoot.  He said he would do it. I let the ladies know;  they were my oldest sister and a good friend.  We were so excited and chatted about what we would wear, themes, dates, etc.  We finally set the date for December 17, 2016.  We decided on a Super Hero costume as well as some type of lingerie. We had months of planning, shopping, trying on clothes and chatting via FB messenger.  At the beginning of December, my sister and I found out that our friend would be unable to make it to the shoot because well…life happens.

The night before the shoot, my sister and niece spent the night at my house.  On the morning of the 17th, it became real when my husband told us he was taking us to the makeup artist.  The excitement really began.  I don’t think either of us really knew what to expect as we had never done anything of this magnitude before.  My makeup was applied first, and when she finished and gave me the mirror, I was like, “I don’t even know who I am.”  Cheshire cat grin was all over my face.  She said my sister’s face would be easy because it would be like she was doing mine all over again since we “look like twins.”

I snapped so many pictures of myself.  Once my sister came out, she did the same. I think my look was kind of sultry, and hers reminded me of a Barbie doll.  I speak for both of us when I say we felt so amazing and glamorous.  We got something to eat and went back to the house to eat and get ready.  We got our clothes and hair together and went to the studio for our photo shoot.  My husband had the studio set up rather nicely.  While I know my husband to be a thoughtful person, to be honest, it was a lot more thoughtful than I expected.  The first shots were in the lingerie.  My sister went first, and I was so excited, screaming, clapping, jumping up and down.  The energy was through the roof.  We were out there for about 4 hours total, and we could not stop smiling.  The excitement felt on that day was really like no other.  It was such a monumental experience, and I feel like everyone should have it at least one day in their life.  I don’t think I will ever forget the energy and overwhelming excitement of that day.  In a year’s time, we want a repeat.  Our minds are ready!!!

Here are a few shots from our session. 

Me with the blonde

My Sister’s beauty shot

Sis in the black and white shot 

My lingerie shot

Our superhero shot

Our silhouette

Make-up artist:  Charlene Dunlap
Photographer:  Pdillon Photography