The Year 2021

At first I was going to say that I didn’t feel accomplished this year. The reason for that is because I look at what other people have accomplished and compare myself to them, and in my eyes I just don’t measure up. Then I think why would I compare myself to others? We don’t have the same set of circumstances, and even if we did, well, we’re still not the same people.

I’ve probably spent most of this year being exhausted and overwhelmed, but this year I birthed a baby. I have navigated starting all over again with a new baby because my other baby is seven. It seems as though everything has changed in that seven years, and they are not alike.

I’ve been in survival mode for the past couple of years while navigating being mistreated on my job and trying to discover a sense of self worth since I’ve allowed people to tear me down and turn me into a shell of my former self.

Through all of the emotions, I’ve learned that I can be very patient. I can be persistent. I cannot straddle the fence. I’m either for you or against you. I will burn bridges and never look back. I have more fight in me than I ever thought. I have a lot of people who care about me and my well being. I am worth being treated fairly and with common human decency. I am worth standing up for and fighting for.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I pray that it is greatness. If anyone out there is feeling like me and think you haven’t accomplished anything, at least we are surviving. I haven’t given up, and you don’t need to give up either.

Until next time,

It’s Me

Happy New Year!!!

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