They say that trials come to make us stronger. Why do you feel so weak while going through? I’ve been dealing with some mess that’s bigger than me for over a year now, and some days, much like today, I just feel broken and tired. I’m so tired of fighting. But because I’m fighting for myself and the greater good, I CANNOT give up.

As soon as you stand up for yourself some people don’t like it because they think you should take abuse and shut up. While I’m weary today, I recognize that there is power in my voice, and I deserve fair treatment. When I don’t receive it, I deserve to speak up for myself and have my voice heard. The same goes for you. Don’t accept any mistreatment because you are worthy of being treated like a human being.

Don’t give up on yourself even when going through the trials. Although it seems tough, everyday won’t be. Have you had a time where you decided that enough was enough and spoken up for yourself? How did you feel about doing it? Did you find it easy to advocate for yourself? Have you had a friend or coworker that you’ve encouraged to stand up for themselves or that you’ve stood up for? Take a moment and let me know. Thank you for reading.

Until next time,

It’s Me

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