My People

For the past week or so but specifically these past few days, I’ve been in an odd mood. I feel duped, but I feel so special. My closest people around me have gone through extraordinary lengths to ensure that I have a special day prior to giving birth. There’s clearly some sort of celebration being planned all around me. I’ve felt tickled, loved and everything else like, “Do they really believe I am that oblivious?” Because I don’t ask a lot of questions, I can be easily fooled, but it gives me a lot of time to think and be suspicious. There are things that I’ve noticed that aren’t adding up. I even wondered how they would get me to dress up and make myself look presentable. I received my answer last night that it would obviously be my husband based on a text message I received. Then this morning he called me with some shenanigans that showed me exactly how their goal would be accomplished. I spoke to my oldest sister this morning where she had some questions for me… more shenanigans. It has taken everything in me to not just laugh hysterically and to hug them.

I posted the last time about my registry, and guess what? Miraculously nearly every item on there has been purchased. Clearly something has been in the works. Makes me think about some seemingly innocent questions that I’ve been asked along the way. It’s like they are trying to make sure there’s nothing left for me to buy. Then last night I had a dream that there was a large group of people together for a baby shower for me but trying to pretend, so I made comments like, “Y’all didn’t even have the decency to warn me so I could look presentable.” Everyone was looking good except for me. I know it probably seems like I already know what’s going to happen today so it won’t truly be a surprise, but the truth of the matter is that I don’t know what all is in store for me today, but I am super excited. Yesterday my son told me he had a secret that his dad told him and he wanted to share with me. I’m not, but I really don’t like spoiled surprises. I had to reassure him that he and his daddy could have secrets together. I guess he was a little bit concerned because I’ve talked to him about people trying to keep secrets with children, and I’ve let him know that he needs to talk to me. In his mind since I’ve told him that we don’t have secrets, he’s trying to make sure that’s true. Now he has more information on the secret front. I did talk to my mom this morning about the people’s shenanigans, but nothing specific.

I just know that I am abundantly loved, and my people are making sure that I know that during a very important part of my life. I love you guys!!!

Until next time,

It’s Me

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