Seeking Permission

Do you often find yourself as an adult seemingly seeking permission? Well, I’m very guilty of that. It’s something I’m working on changing. Sometimes when we tell people that we’re doing something (what our plans are, etc.) and they start asking questions or offering suggestions, we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation. I’m not asking for permission. I’m sharing my plans, and it doesn’t matter if they’re not completely thought out because I’m still going through the process. I’m not seeking permission to do something. I’m literally sharing. Perhaps it’s my own fault for sharing because I could just keep it to myself and just do it. I’m a person who is normally pretty free, and I guess that’s how I end up in these situations. Ultimately I end up doing nothing because it seems like I didn’t get the permission that I wasn’t truly seeking or I allow someone to talk me out of doing something that I wanted to do just because they can’t or couldn’t understand my vision. It doesn’t matter who you are, but if you’ve supported any of my ideas in any way, thank you. I’ve allowed so many people to make me second guess myself or feel like I’m someone less than because they don’t understand what I want or what I’m trying to do. It gets so frustrating. If I didn’t ask you for advice then please just stop giving it. Sometimes we just want a listening ear and I guess we pick the wrong person to go to. That’s why so many people do move in silence. I’ve watched so many people come out with all types of businesses, and I’ve been so proud watching them from the sidelines. It’s like they have so much courage, faith, and everything else it takes to trust that they will be successful at what they’ve put their minds to achieve. I have literally been in awe. My unsolicited advice is if you have something that you want to do, just do it without getting put into a situation where you are made to feel as though you’re asking for permission. Go forward and be great, and I wish you the best in whatever your future endeavors might be!!!

Until next time,

It’s Me

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