Pregnancy-32 weeks-hidden post from Apr. 2, 2014

I traveled to South Carolina (5 hours away from where I live) for my first baby shower this past weekend.  My feet and ankles became swollen.  Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I was able to see one friend that I had not seen in person since high school (May 2000).  I was able to see some other people who I probably had not seen in over a year and others who I had not seen in some months.  I was very excited to see everyone.  I was very overwhelmed by the amount of gifts we received for the baby.  It was totally unexpected.  I received quite a few diaper cakes as well as a diaper baby.  There were quite a bit of clothes, bibs, socks, burp cloths, etc.  I think we probably got a little bit of everything for the baby.  I was overwhelmed with the love.  I really did not want the shower to end.  I was quite exhausted, but so were the people who helped plan and make it a success.  My poor mom was miserable afterwards.  I think she got a little overwhelmed, and even said she felt like giving up the morning of the shower.  She did a great job with the shower cake.  There was some for us to take home, so we’ve been eating it little by little.
At the shower everyone wanted to touch my stomach.  I really didn’t mind it. It’s a different story at work where some people are mean to me and then try to touch me.  I tell them that I just don’t operate that way.  Most of the people at the shower were like family to me anyway while some of the people at work, well, not so much.  There are times where I really don’t feel like being touched such as when I am overheated.  I have also developed that rash called PUPP on my stomach and my side.  It’s a very itchy rash, and if it’s touched the wrong way, it can lead to more itching.  I have scratched that rash to death, but it still itches.  I can’t wait for it to go away.  That Benadryl spray really burns something fierce.  I guess once you’ve scratched something to the point of soreness that is to be expected. 
We went to childbirth class a couple of weeks ago.  It was on a Saturday from 9 to 5.  It was really a few hours too long.  After we came back from lunch break we took a tour of the hospital.  It was a little painful because my feet were hurting.  There was a lot of information to be gained, but I really know that I do not want to have to have a C-section.  I am hoping that everything will go fine with my labor so that I don’t have to be forced into one like a lot of people that I know.  I was reading today that going to the Chiropractor is one way to get your body ready so that childbirth isn’t too bad and you won’t have to have a C-section.  I have not seen my chiropractor at all during my pregnancy for an adjustment although I clearly need one.  I have gone for a pregnancy massage once.  I really do need to go back.  I will talk to my doctor on Friday about going to make sure it’s still ok. 
I think a lot of people don’t understand the plethora of emotions you deal with while pregnant.  Some people think it’s ok for them to have mood swings and they aren’t pregnant, but it’s not ok for a pregnant woman to have mood swings.  I don’t know how I will be feeling from one moment to the next.  There is always someone telling me what to do or what not to do or just trying to have some type of control over me.  Although pregnancy is beautiful and really something that is very amazing, it can also be very stressful and overwhelming.  You don’t know to expect all of the pain that you’ll be experiencing.  It wasn’t until last week that I really started experiencing pain.  I hate it when people seem to try and diminish the pain that I am feeling.  I try not to complain too much, but some days I could literally cry because I would like a foot, leg, and a back massage, but I just can’t get one.  When I am laying there and I feel my baby doing all of his movements, the pain just seems worth it because at the end of it all, I will be able to hold him and just enjoy him.  BTW, I went to one of my doctors today, and my little one weighed in at 5 lbs 12 ozs, and he is head down.  That really made me nervous.

Until next time,

It’s Me

Here’s a small glimpse of some items we were blessed with from our baby showers because we also received some bigger ticket items that were life savers:

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