The 100th Day of School T-shirt

Back in the day, I used to be somewhat creative.  I always liked creating things.  I once took the old computer printer paper that was connected, some yarn, and cotton and made a pillow with some decorations on both sides.  Of course I couldn’t actually sleep on it, but well, it looked nice.  Anywho, fast forwarding quite a bit, since starting to work, then getting married, then having a child, I felt like I lost the creativity that I once possessed and just have no time or zeal for it.  When my son was in daycare, they started having home projects.  Since he was so young, clearly the expectation wasn’t for him to do them alone.  So, I started feeling a little excited about the projects. 

Fast forward a little more to Pre-K….So my little man started Pre-K this school year, and he has had quite a few projects.  This particular project was to create a t-shirt for the 100th day of school.  I was a little nervous about this one because although I’ve created many things, I’ve never really decorated fabric, or at least not that I can recall.  These days you can find ideas for just about anything on the Internet.  Pinterest is normally my top choice.  I found tons of ideas on the 100th day of school project and showed a few to my son.  He decided he wanted a monster on his shirt, so I had to decided how to execute.  I bought all of the supplies I needed in advance at Hobby Lobby so that I could finish the project early enough in case of problems.  The shirt was looking pretty good if I do say so myself. 

The morning of the 100th day of school arrived.  The shirt was so stiff, but I was able to get it on him.  

Then before we left home, at least three of the 100 googly eyes had fallen off.  I could see that more would probably fall off; however, I was not truly prepared for the sight of the shirt at the end of the day.  There were hardly any googly eyes left, and those “glue” spots had my skin crawling every time I saw it or even thought about it.  Ugh!!!

He told me the eyes were falling off everywhere, and he even gave some to his friends.  I think those eyes were being found for days at school and around the house.  I hid that shirt for some months.  I finally took it out and washed it, and the only thing left is the paint that outlined the monster’s face.  That made me laugh all over again.  

Although I felt it was somewhat of a fail, it wasn’t a total fail because we did count out 100 of those googly eyes and glue them to the shirt.  His shirt did make it to school.  

Have you ever tried your best and had a similar outcome on a school project with your child?  Leave a comment and tell me about it.  At least you know you’re not alone.  Like what you’ve read so far?  If so, like, comment, and subscribe.

Until next time,

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