Growing Up

My son had gone to the same daycare since he was a baby, so a little over four years. Since he was getting ready to start school, I had to find a place that provides before and after school care. My oldest sister already had my niece in a decent place, so I signed my son up for the same place. His last day at the old daycare I took him around to say goodbye to his teachers. They loved up on him and said how they would miss him. We were all emotional, and he was all smiles and waves like, “Bye. I’m going to my new school.” They prepared him so well for moving up.

That next week he had to have full time care at the new center, and I really almost cried when I left him there. I wanted to run back home with him and just hold him, but I didn’t. I called back about two hours after dropping him off to check on him, and they said he was doing just fine. I felt better. When I picked him up that afternoon, he said he had a great day, so I had no issues with leaving him the remainder of the week.

This week was the start of school. My husband and I got to take him to his classroom. He sat there quietly, and I sensed he wanted us to leave so he could start his day. I asked him, and he nodded his head yes. We left, and I didn’t shed a tear. We are constantly wishing our children will just reach these next stages of maturity, and sometimes forget to cherish them I. Their current stage. Then we look back on some of those times wishing we could get them back. I am going to try and cherish him even through the ferocious fours…we already survived the trying threes. I look forward to seeing his continued growth. I mean it when I say that he is truly a blessing sent from God.

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