Feeling Ourselves

Some of you may or may not remember my post from last year about the photo shoot my oldest sister and I did with my husband (here).  Well, we decided that we loved it so much that we could have a repeat every year.  We had decided that we would work hard and lose weight and have a comparison photo shoot the following year.  This past year we did not have the same level of excitement leading up to the shoot.  I attribute that to the fact that we did not lose the weight that we wanted so we were a little disappointed in ourselves.  I told my sister that it didn’t matter that we didn’t lose the weight because we are still women who want to feel good about ourselves so we should just go on with it.   Our year was a little tough, so I knew the shoot would be a welcome break.  I had chosen my outfits fairly early, and my sister decided she wanted the same “super hero” outfit as me.

The day came and we had an early morning appointment with the makeup artist, Charlene Dunlap.  My husband, our photographer, had already told Charlene the look he wanted us to have.  Well, she worked her magic, and that was the beginning of the transformation.  We really did not overthink things for this shoot, so we didn’t have too many options available to us.  When it was time we all went to the studio to get ready and perform.  Needless to say our photographer had the studio set up beautifully for us(the setup) . We felt amazing and got through the shoot.  I will admit I was a little glad when it was over because my feet were screaming!  When we got the pictures back, we looked absolutely gorgeous.  I am already looking forward to our session this year.

I still think every woman should have a photo shoot like ours at least once in their lifetime to just feel uplifted, amazing, glamorous, empowered, or some other wonderful feeling she has never felt.  Check out some of our pictures below so that you can experience some of how we felt.



Sis in lingerie

Me in lingerie
Until next time,
It’s me
Make-up artist:  Charlene Dunlap
Photographer:  Patrick Dillon

2 thoughts

  1. Absolutely amazing. I was dissapointed in myself because I feel I am not as far along as I should be. Reading this just made me feel a little more confident. Love you ladies.


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